Žilina Car Club

A car club with a long history

History of the club

1929 was an important year in the history of the Žilina Car Club. This was when the first efforts to found the club started to take shape. It was founded by car owners and enthusiasts who wanted to meet and promote the use of cars in the region. Thus, the club played an important role in bringing the first cars to the Žilina region – a role that many people were completely unaware of. Recently, the Žilina Car Club has risen from the ashes. Now, 87 years after it was first established, it has entered a new phase of its existence.

Founding members

The present-day version of the club is not just a continuation of its fascinating history – it is also a continuation of the traditions that were present in the club in the 1920s and 1930s. Its main purpose is to represent the city of Žilina and the people who live in it, but it also serves as a reminder of the history of cars in the region. It is one of the oldest car clubs in Slovakia. Its founding members include Tomáš Ďuriš (vice chairman) and Jozef Hanuliak.


In times long gone, when motor vehicle clubs were only first being established, car clubs enjoyed an exclusive position among them. This could also be seen in the quality of the spaces where the clubs were active or where their general assemblies and regular meetings took place. For its first general assembly in 1929, the Žilina Car Club chose one of the best hotels in Žilina that were available back then. The modern phase of its history is now being written in its formal headquarters at Village Resort Hanuliak in the village of Belá, which is surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Malá Fatra National Park and located only 20 kilometres from Žilina.

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