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Enhance your natural beauty using specialised procedures which also boost your health and immunity, for instance by detoxifying your organism.

Our services:

  • Non-invasive facelift is based on a non-invasive modern therapeutic method which combines the effect of thermal energy (radio frequency) and mechanical waves (ultrasound). These are the most efficient technologies that can be used to shape your figure. 
  • Oxygen therapy is based on the inhalation of air with a 90–95% concentration of oxygen through a nasal cannula (glasses). The therapy helps regenerate your whole body; it boosts your immune system and helps you relax after demanding activities. It is good against leg pain, headaches, sleeping disorders, anxiety, high blood pressure and respiratory diseases. The therapy is even beneficial for your skin, it rids your body of toxins and aids learning and concentration.
  • Aesthetic shock wave therapy relaxes and strengthens your bodily tissues, stimulates blood flow and improves the formation of collagen. It is excellent at fighting cellulite, removing stretch marks, smoothing out scars and stimulating your lymphatic system. A non-invasive procedure based on the effect that acoustic waveforms have when they come into direct contact with your skin (arms, thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach) through an ultrasound-assisted regenerative gel. The duration of the procedure depends on the body part that the client wants to treat using our equipment.
  • Lymphatic drainage is a very efficient method of detoxifying your organism. It is a modern procedure used to reduce and remove cellulite, shape your figure and strengthen muscles. It helps against a feeling of heavy legs, against swelling and even after a workout or long-term exhaustion. Lymphatic drainage helps kick-start your metabolism. Our equipment offers both 30 and 60 minutes of machine-aided lymphatic drainage. A sequential compression massager with multi-chambered cuffs (leg cuffs, arm cuffs), where the chambers inflate one by one, makes is possible to achieve intensive drainage and remove toxins from your body.
  • Cryosauna is based on a short 2–3 minute stay in a dry cryochamber with a temperature between -100°C and -160°C. The procedure itself consists of two phases – cooling and subsequent warming (intensive exercise, stationary bicycle, treadmill). The therapy helps your body regenerate and get back into condition, so it is beneficial for sportsmen, among others. It boosts the growth of muscle mass, increases performance during power and endurance training, speeds up the regeneration of soft tissues and joints after injuries, eliminates swelling and pain, boosts the regeneration of muscles and overall biological regeneration, etc. And that is not the end of the list by far.

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Non-invasive facelift pricing  1 procedure  Package of 4 procedures
Whole face   €49.00  €166.00

Face – 1 area

(e.g. Forehead, upper cheeks, lower cheeks, around the mouth)

 €19.00  €64.00
Whole neck  €49.00  €166.00

Body – 1 area

(e.g. stomach, hips, outer thighs, inner thighs)

€49.00 €166.00
Body – 2 area €79.00 €268.00
Oxygen therapy pricing  1 entrace Multiple admission ticket  – 10 entries
Procedure – 30 minutes €5.00 €40.00
Procedure – 60 minutes €9.00 €70.00
Aesthetic shock wave pricing  
1 procedure/1 area/20 minutes €20.00
1 procedure/3 areas/1.5 hours €50.00

Multiple admission ticket

(applies to a procedure of 3 areas)

5+1 procedure €250.00

10+2 procedures + 1 x 2 hours of wellness

or 30 minutes of machine-aided lymphatic drainage for free

Lymphatic drainage pricing  
Procedure – 30 minutes €8.00
Procedure – 60 minutes €14.00
Multiple admission ticket  
5 + 1 entries/30 minutes €40.00
5 + 1 entries/60 minutes €70.00
Cryosauna pricing  
1 entry  €9.00
Group ticket (a minimum of 5 people)  €7.00
Multiple admission ticket  
5 entries €40.00
10 entries €70.00
ANNE SEMONIN Cosmetics  
Oligo skin protect / 55 minutes €80.00
Age defend /55 minutes €80.00
Soothing skin saviour /55 minutes €80.00
Cryo time freeze /55 minutes €85.00
Refresh face /15 minutes €25.00
Anti-stress facial massage – facial massage and serum application by skin type /30minutes €35.00

Anti – Cellulite protection /1 location + Aestehetic rise wave + Serum + Mask /30 minutes

Luxury procedure with French cosmetics

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non-invasive procedures

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  • 770 ,- Family holiday

    Number of nights: 5 and more

    Term: 07. 1. - 20. 12. 2020

  • 310 ,- Last minute 2018
    vo Village resort Hanuliak

    Number of nights: 2

    Term: 7. 1. - 20. 12. 2020

  • 195 ,- Romance Lux stay 2019

    Number of nights: 1 full night and more

    Term: 07. 1. - 20. 12. 2020

  • 360 ,- Relax stay

    Number of nights: 2

    Term: 07. 1. - 20. 12. 2020