The highest indoor Climbing wall

The biggest attraction of Village Resort Hanuliak is our climbing wall.

With a height of 13.5 m, it is one of the highest climbing walls in Slovakia. You can choose from 18 climbing routes that we change regularly. The climbing wall is available for anyone who is interested in the sport and people who simply want to test their limits and climb to the very top. We even have safe climbing routes for children. The climbing wall is also the perfect place for team-building activities since team members need to rely on each other. If you are interested, we will also provide an instructor who will give you advice and help you with climbing. For more information +421 41 707 8901 or

Gift your loved ones with a gift voucher

Give the best gift – well-deserved relaxation. Gift vouchers can be purchased for various services of our resort, whether for the wellness area, for procedures in the aesthetic beauty center, massages, a luxurious dinner in the restaurant, the accommodation itself or entry to the climbing wall.


Adults €5.00
Children up to 15 years (only with a parent) €4.00
Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) €12.00
Personal belayer/person €15.00
Helmet €2.00
Rope €3.50
Climbing shoes €3.00
Fall arrester €1.50
Climbing harness €1.50
Bag of climbing chalk €1.00
Full equipment €6.00
Multiple admission ticket 10 entries 20 entries
Adults €40.00 €80.00
Children up to 15 years (only with a parent) €30.00 €50.00